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The decision to sell or to keep your mineral rights comes after much thought and consideration. Once you make the decision, approaching different mineral rights buying companies can be overwhelming. Choosing to work with the wrong mineral buying company can result in selling your mineral rights under their real value. 

Selling your mineral rights can create an opportunity to grow your wealth. Blue Flame Minerals can help you make an informed decision whether to sell or keep your mineral rights. If a transaction isn’t a good deal for everyone involved, we do not recommend moving forward.


What Makes Us The Best Mineral Rights Company in ND?

  • We Partner Up With Our Clients – Mineral Owners or Investors

At Blue Flame Minerals, we consider it an honor to be trusted by our clients. We guarantee our clients that they will receive the best value for their assets. We partner with direct mineral owners or investors that are looking for new opportunities. 

We uncover hidden value by searching thoroughly for information that isn’t always available to the general public or is probably overlooked by others.

  • We Can Help By Guiding You  – Our Educational Process 

At Blue Flame Minerals, we take satisfaction in offering excellent guidance and, when appropriate, reasonable offers to mineral owners. We guarantee mineral owners the best opportunity to gain maximum value as a mineral buying company. 

Mineral evaluations are often complex. At Blue Flame Minerals, we gained expertise through working for over 40 years with hundreds of clients in North Dakota. We make this process easier for you by guiding you and being transparent about all aspects of your assets, taking the oil and gas industry’s constant changes into account. 

  • Our Transparent Buying Process  

We buy mineral rights through a transparent and educational process. At Blue Flame Minerals, we value your assets just as much as you do. We discuss and evaluate all variables that make up your rights. Some may include commodity, pricing, future drilling, operator risks, geology, and title. 

We feel proud to help mineral owners expand their wealth and reduce the risk of failure by researching through trusted sources of information. 

Work With Blue Flame Minerals in North Dakota

At Blue Flame Minerals, we have created long-term relationships with North Dakota’s mineral rights owners. We have over 40 years of shared expertise in the oil and gas industry. We provide opportunities to our clients by evaluating, managing, and monetizing their assets to impulse and project their value. 

We take satisfaction in offering excellent guidance and, when appropriate, reasonable offers to mineral owners. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any moment if you have any questions about selling minerals rights or if you would like to discuss your mineral interests with one of our experts at Blue Flame Minerals. 


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