Thinking of Selling Your Mineral Rights? Here’s How It Works

Mineral rights can provide those who own them with an abundance of unique opportunities. While the decision to sell can be difficult, it’s important to know there are many advantages to those that do sell. However, it’s just as important to understand the process of how it works and what to expect should you choose to sell your mineral rights. 

Keep reading to learn more about mineral rights and how they work. 

What Exactly are Mineral Rights? 

Mineral rights allow those who own them to have ownership of the piece of land and explore, develop, and extract those minerals. 

The mineral interest owner can choose to excavate hard rock minerals like gold and copper or even drill an oil and gas well. The owner of mineral rights on a property can lease or sell them as gifts, or they may choose to pass them down from generations. 

Four Types of Mineral Rights 

Today, the common practice for mineral rights is to separate mineral rights on the property from the actual land itself. The four major types of mineral rights are as follows: 

  • Surface rights: Surface rights provide ownership rights to the minerals that are found on the surface only. This does not include rights to those found on the subsurface. 
  • Mineral rights: Mineral interests provide ownership of the mineral interests that are under the ground. Owners can receive royalty, lease, and shut-in payments. These are commonly applied in the oil and gas industry. 
  • Royalty Rights: Someone who owns oil and gas royalty rights is an investor who earns a stream of royalty payments on their mineral rights investment. 
  • Oil and Gas Rights: Given the fluidity of oil and gas, it can be difficult to define the rights by geographical area. So the rights for such is referred to as the rule of capture. If someone has rights to drill into a property, they subsequently have rights to the oil underneath as well. 

Sell To a Mineral Buying Company

Now that you understand the basics of how mineral rights work, you may be curious where you can sell your mineral rights once you choose to do so. Selling to a mineral buying company is an efficient and reliable way to make the most out of your asset. 

At Blue Flame Minerals, we are proud to work closely with mineral owners to help them unlock their wealth. When it comes to selling mineral rights, we understand if you might be worried about working with reliable buyers. 

We take the time to educate owners about their assets, provide complete transparency throughout the entire process, and connect owners with investors who pay a premium. 

We strive to create a trusting and long lasting relationship to provide opportunities for future business. 

Unlock Your Wealth With Blue Flame Minerals 

If you’re looking to make the most of your mineral rights, look no further than Blue Flame Minerals, we understand that selling mineral rights is a big decision, and we look forward to helping you unlock your wealth and prepare for the future by connecting you with those who will help make the most of your asset.


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