Should I Sell Or Keep My Non-Producing Land?

Have you been presented with the opportunity to sell your non-producing land? Mineral rights fall under two principal categories: producing or non-producing land. Non-producing lands are underdeveloped and may not have active wells working or even hydrocarbons in the ground. 

There are many benefits to selling your land’s mineral rights while keeping your non-producing land – it gives you the opportunity to grow your wealth. 

Please, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of selling your mineral rights while keeping your non-producing land. 

  • Creating An Opportunity To Grow Your Wealth While Keeping Your Land 

When you choose to sell your mineral rights, you invest in growing and planning for your future. This creates an easier future and an opportunity for you to create a retirement plan. Dividing an estate becomes difficult and requires a significant investment. Selling your mineral rights is an easy way to grow your wealth while keeping your land. 

  • Financial Freedom – No Complications

You receive a really valuable amount of money for a property that is not generating revenue, by selling your mineral rights. Keeping your non-producing land and selling your mineral rights is the best way to create opportunities for your financial future. 

  • Avoid Mineral Taxations 

The best way to secure your future is by selling your mineral rights to a company that will value your assets as much as you do. This decision will provide you with the resources to create a retirement plan or divide the money for your heirs. 

Many mineral rights owners decide to sell after they retire. Many retirees prefer to sell in order to avoid paying annual taxes and putting money in the bank. Furthermore, the sale of mineral rights converts the asset into cash, making estate planning much simpler.

Work With A Trusted Mineral Rights Company

At Blue Flame Minerals, we partner with our clients to guide them through their decision to sell or keep their mineral rights. We are a mineral rights acquisition company with over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. We provide a tailored analysis of all your mineral rights components to give you the best offer in the market. 

We take satisfaction in offering excellent guidance and providing the best offers to mineral rights owners. 

Have you been searching “How can I sell my mineral rights”? At Blue Flame Minerals, we’re here to guide you.  Please, get in touch with us at any moment if you have any questions or would want to discuss your mineral rights interests with one of our experts at Blue Flame Minerals. 


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