Own Mineral Rights? Here’s Why You Might Want To Sell Them

As a mineral rights owner, you may have been told to avoid selling them. It costs nothing to hold and own mineral rights, so what reason would you have to sell? The decision to sell can depend entirely on personal circumstances, but there are also some worthwhile reasons to sell – especially in today’s market environment. 

If you own Fayetteville Shale minerals, you’ll want to keep reading to learn about the advantages you could get from selling them and why you should work with a mineral rights company in North Dakota to do so. 

Pursue New Opportunities

Whether or not you have an offer on the table, you might find it beneficial to sell your mineral rights by putting the proceeds from a sale to work on another venture or investment that can provide you with passive income. It could be better than having to wait for years for anything to happen. 

Avoid The Hassle of Paperwork 

By owning mineral rights, you have the responsibility to keep up with the paperwork. This applies particularly to rights in specific geographic areas and tax jurisdictions, which of course, can be a lot of work. You are also responsible for tracking any production on your leased properties, which is another tedious task. 

Make Estate Planning Easier

Having to divide various small interests into smaller ones can make for more administrative work, especially when it comes to the accounting side of things. You may benefit more by selling your rights and distributing cash proceeds to beneficiaries instead. 

Diversify Your Assets and Reduce Risk

It’s not surprising that the oil and gas industry is risky given the impact politics and what not have on it. The value of mineral rights can change dramatically and can increase your risk. By selling, or even partially selling, you can ensure you diversify your risk and increase liquidity where possible. 

Achieve Financial Freedom With Blue Flame Minerals 

As a mineral rights owner, it’s time to understand that the conventional idea of never selling doesn’t necessarily mean the best results. At Blue Flame Minerals, we are a mineral rights company in North Dakota, and we can make selling mineral rights easy for those looking to sell their Fayetteville Shale mineral rights. 

Mineral evaluations are complex, and offers can be changed by minor adjustments, which is why we are focused on understanding all aspects involved with your assets, such as market competition, commodity pricing, future drilling, operator risks, geology, and title. 

Trust us when we say we have the necessary expertise and resources to provide you with an offer you won’t be able to resist. 


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