Find Out What Are Your Mineral Rights Worth!

If you are the owner of mineral rights, you must understand their worth. Mineral rights can be a valuable asset, and it is important to get an accurate estimate of their value before selling them.

If you want to sell your mineral rights, but you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! This blog post will explain what mineral rights are, how they’re calculated, and the different factors that go into their worth. Keep reading for more!

What Are Mineral Rights?

Mineral rights give you the right to explore, develop, and extract minerals beneath a piece of land. A mineral interest owner can dig for hard-rock minerals, drill an oil and gas well, or work at a coal mine.

Types Of Mineral Rights

There are 4 types of mineral rights are:

  1. Surface Rights
  2. Mineral Interests
  3. Royalty Rights
  4. Oil and Gas Rights

How To Calculate My Mineral Rights Worth?

The price that a potential buyer would pay for your mineral rights varies from client to client, as there are many variables involved in determining value.

The most valuable properties with current or recent production are typically the most appealing to purchasers, making them the simplest to value and sell. Over the previous 6 months, fully producing assets have been valued at between 36 and 72 times their typical monthly income (per production month).

The price might fluctuate considerably depending on how well the region has previously produced and how many nearby wells there are, their age, and whether they’re close to other production.

Mineral Rights Factors

There are numerous factors influencing how much your mineral rights are worth. Here are a few key considerations:

Mineral Resources

The first thing to consider is what minerals are on your land. Some minerals, like gold, are more valuable than others.


The location of your minerals is also important. If your minerals are in a remote area, they may be difficult to extract and therefore not as valuable.

Market Conditions

The current market conditions for the minerals you own will also affect their value. If there is high demand for a certain mineral, it will be worth more than if the demand is low.

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