Everything You Need To Know About Mineral Rights 

Have you moved to a new area that has nearby drilling operations? You might want to make sure you know what’s going on underneath your property. You may or may not hold the right to some valuable minerals. However, if you do, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into and what your options are. 

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about mineral rights. 

What Exactly Are Mineral Rights? 

Mineral rights are essentially a title of ownership that allows the owner to exploit any minerals from underneath their property. This can be solid and liquid minerals like gold and oil. Mineral rights are different from surface rights and are not always owned by property owners. To narrow it down, mineral rights cover the following: 

  • Oil
  • Natural gases
  • Precious metals
  • Coal 
  • Non-precious or semi-precious metals
  • Rare earth elements 

How Do Mineral Rights Work? 

Those who own mineral rights are able to either hold or sell their rights to a mineral acquisition company. Selling mineral rights may be in your best interest if you’re not interested in having to deal with the administrative aspects and taxations that come with it. If you do choose to sell your mineral rights, you can be awarded in the form of royalties or payments. 

Own Mineral Rights? Get In Touch With Blue Flame Minerals

If you’re a mineral rights owner, it’s very important to know the information surrounding them to become a source of income for you. When buying a property known for oil drilling in the surrounding area, find out who owns the mineral rights to the property.

At Blue Flame Minerals, we buy mineral rights in North Dakota. We are proud to offer owners a reliable and trusted way of making the most out of their mineral rights. When we look at acquisitions, we think creatively to provide a competitive offer to those who approach us. 

We will assess whether you should sell your mineral rights or keep them if it’s not the right time. For us, it’s an honor to trust someone and work with them as partners. 


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