A Guide To Selling Your Mineral Rights

Are you interested in learning more about your mineral rights? The best way to determine your mineral right’s value is to first understand how mineral rights work. Different characteristics such as location, well productivity, and investing in exploratory wells might be influencing your decision to keep or sell your mineral rights. 

Have you been asking yourself,  “Should I keep my mineral rights? Or should I sell them?” This guide explains the basic aspects to give you a better understanding of mineral rights. 

Mineral Rights Characteristics

1. Most Common Types Of Mineral Rights

  • Mineral Interest

Mineral interest owners have the right to negotiate a lease, including the lease royalty rate, leasing conditions, and so on. The owner also has the right to any lease incentive that was paid for leasing the mineral rights. This form of ownership would not entitle the owner to royalty revenue. 

  • Royalty Interest

The owner holds complete rights to the underground oil and gas without any limitations. The owner has the authority to lease the property, negotiate lease conditions, collect lease bonus payments, and collect royalties. 

  • Working Interest

A royalty interest owner can become a working interest owner by participating in oil and gas drilling with the operator. When a royalty owner opts to take this option, they are responsible for their portion of drilling, completion, and production costs.

2. Location – Geological Content

Location may influence your decision to keep or sell your mineral rights. Are your minerals rights in an area with opportunities to drill multiple wells? Do successful wells surround your location? The geological content or “the amount of oil in the ground” is the most important aspect when creating your mineral rights value. 

3. Producing or Non-Producing Land – Well Productivity

Well productivity is a really important characteristic to look into when deciding to keep or sell your mineral rights. Some wells may produce thousands of oil barrels a day, while some may produce fewer.

Some properties might not be currently producing revenue but have lots of potential. On the other hand, you could invest in an exploratory well and find out the zone will not return your investment.

Choose The Right Buyer – Choose Blue Flame Minerals 

The best way to choose the best mineral rights buying company is to do extensive research. The ideal mineral rights buying company will have the expertise to answer all your questions regarding this important decision. Throughout the communication process, you will feel which company is ideal for you. 

All the characteristics mentioned above might influence the decision to keep or sell your mineral rights. Take into account all the elements before choosing to contact your nearest mineral rights buying company. 

At Blue Flame Minerals, we partner with our clients to guide them through their decision to sell or to keep their mineral rights. We buy mineral rights and have over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. We provide a tailored analysis of all your property’s components to give you the best offer in the market. 

We take satisfaction in offering excellent guidance and providing the best offers to mineral rights owners. 

If you have been recently asking yourself,  “Should I sell my mineral rights?” contact us today. At Blue Flame Minerals, our experts would like to answer all your questions about your mineral rights. 


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