5 Simple Rules To Keeping Your Mineral Rights Safe.

As the shale revolution grows throughout North Dakota, mineral rights owners see their quiet acres turn into profitable oil fields. This article will look at one of the most valuable characteristics of mineral rights buyers in Fayetteville Shale, North Dakota: flexibility.

Mineral right sellers can receive top dollar from mineral buyers with a few simple adjustments to how they market their property. A few small modifications can make a big difference in receiving the maximum value for your minerals. However, sometimes it might be better to reconsider selling and start thinking about “when to keep my mineral rights.”

Factors To Consider When Calculating Mineral Rights Value | Blue Flame Minerals

Don’t Buy Inconsistent Language.

Many individuals who own mineral rights royalties are unaware that “mineral acres” and “royalty acres” are distinct. Because this is a widespread misconception, some brokers take advantage.

When negotiating a land sale, understand the company’s needs and preferences. Determine which type of acreage the business is interested in purchasing from you. Examine their language for any discrepancies, both written and over the phone.

Upstanding businesses use precise words. The terms of the offer will be clear and easy to comprehend. Look out for those who try to deceive you by switching back and forth between phrases to make it appear as if they’re only buying your royalty acres when, in reality, they’re taking your royalty interests as well as your mineral rights.

Beware Bank Draft Trap.

Don’t get too excited when you get a bank draft in the mail asking for your minerals. From here on out, things aren’t always this easy. After you deposit the draft, you are legally obligated to sell your assets. Your negotiating power is gone. You’re stuck; there’s no way out.

If you’ve read the ‘fine print’ and feel comfortable with the terms, that’s a different story. But don’t go to the bank until you know the whole story, which can be buried if the wrong company sends the draft.

Don’t Let Scammers Fool Your Rights.

A red flag should go up if a broker introduces themselves and immediately pitches you. They can pretend to be the quickest solution to earn a large amount of money in cash.

However, without going through a procedure, mineral buyers will never get into serious business. They may make you a very lucrative offer, but such deals must be equitable for everyone involved.

Talk to Your Neighbors.

Don’t jump into anything precipitously. Obtain more than one offer. Consult with a qualified professional who is familiar with your market. Do some research on the local market to get an idea of what may be possible. It’s just another way of saying that it’s always a smart idea to talk to your neighbors.

Do Your Research.

Some mineral buyers act like you’re a number rather than a person with someone’s family’s future on the line in this deal. Some don’t have enough of a local presence to know what is going on.

Choose mineral buyers who know your region’s infrastructure, routine activities, and history well enough to give you an easy explanation. Otherwise, you’ll wish you’d kept your mineral rights.

It’s Not About When to Sell but When to Keep.

Few companies understand the concept of fair business in this mineral rights market. Fair business practices are the key to dealing with customers at Blue Flame Minerals, a mineral rights buying company. 

For the reason mentioned earlier, Blue Flame Minerals can assist you even when other mineral buyer companies have offered you. If we perceive that the offer is fair, we will let you know. If not, we will advise you to keep your mineral rights. In the end, the company’s best interest is to ensure that you’re receiving the greatest possible value for your minerals.


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